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Your business relies on the timely flow of data and information for many critical operations. Intended for corporate, and resellers , Qiandra is committed to provide Managed Service to help you consolidate management of your data and applications with high speed dedicated access, reliability and optimal performance, scalability and security.

Qiandra Managed Service provides a premium data services, with extensive reach for your business 24 hours a day. You can select our completely managed solution - or choose to manage components of your data access and information solution yourself. Either way, we proactively monitor your connection around the clock and provide enhanced security features to help protect your valuable network resources.

Qiandra Managed Service incorporates convenience, resources and flexibility in a completely vendor-provided data services solution, easing the management headaches associated with rapidly growing Internet and other data and application use. You can take advantage of managed, high-speed, end-to-end  connectivity, knowing that Qiandra is there with proactive monitoring with expert technical assistance.

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