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Direct Local Link

The trend toward globalization in business continues and along with the importance of international cooperation, the demands on clear and private data transmission channels are also increasing. Forms of communication such as video conferences or so-called inter-working require considerable bandwidths and absolutely reliable connections.

The Leased Link solutions ensure optimal reliability in the communication between IT networks: We provide our customers with access to an exclusive data transport route between two locations in a specified bandwidth. These Permanent Virtual Connections represent an especially interesting option for companies that use extensive in-house IT and network know-how to plan, install and maintain their own corporate network.

Domestic Private Leased Circuit are dedicated links that provide point-to-point connections to customers for the purpose of connecting their host computing and communication resources over a Wide Area Network (WAN) to their branch offices.

Key Advantages To Your Busines

A clear channel link provides clear and high quality reception.
Point-to-point connectivity and security features limit communications to specified parties for secure exchange of data.
Maximum utilisation of bandwidth
You do not have to share the line with others and hence you can efficiently run large volumes of voice, data and video traffic.
Maximum Service Availability
Our state-of-the-art Network Management Centre will monitor the circuits 24 hours a day with priority given in event of breakdown.

There are no usage charges. You just pay based on monthly or annual charge.

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