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Disaster Recovery

In today's interconnected economy, businesses are more vulnerable than ever to the possibility of technical difficulties disrupting business. A disaster can affect the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of critical business resources and leave an organization unable to function.

Most businesses today are heavily computerized, and damage to equipment or data can not only disrupt business continuity and inflict financial losses but also threaten the very survival of a company.

The concept of disaster recovery services as an integral part of a company's IT systems is relatively new. Many business owners were not sure about its need until recently and therefore, lacked the will to invest in such plans.

Disaster Recovery is a specialized service that helps you recover data when IT business systems are damaged by natural cause such as fire, flood, and earthquakes, or manmade causes such as virus and other security threats. We provide collocation for your back-up system to prevent any future loss of data, in a highly secure facility outside of town with complete alternative infrastructure and gadgets for your post-disaster recovering activities.

Key Advantages to your business

o Highly secure facility just outside of town
o Aprroximately 139 meter above sea level.
o Flood free, earthquaqe proof structure, and minimum sabotage risk.
o Bulletproof concrete wall for your DRC servers.
o Construction designed to withstand 6 richter scale of earthquakes.
o Complete infrastructure and gadgets.

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