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Internet Dedicated

A corporate company requires connectivity to deliver its business communications both internally and with its wider business services. Network infrastructure has evolved to form the basis of communication between the corporate and its customers, partners and suppliers. As applications become increasingly business critical, enterprises need high quality and dependable connectivity, based on a robust network infrastructure.

Qiandra Internet Dedicated products are high speed domestic and international internet access for businesses that need reliable performance and full-time dedicated Internet access. This product suite offers a range of options to suit your company access needs and to support all your critical communications. With leading backbone infrastructure and with our extensive private and public peering, we can help you to keep up with the increasing demands of Internet connectivity, through reliable connections to domains worldwide.

Dedicated services provide connectivity to a world class infrastructure, 24 x 7 monitoring and Support, with industry leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Installation Engineers fully support and monitor your Internet access with the power, quality, and reliability that you expect from Qiandra. Timely installation and consistent, reliable customer bandwidth.

Internet dedicated scheme

Key Advantages To Your Bussines

  • Flexible bandwidth for various numbers of workstations and application.
  • Reduce management time and expenses with faster provisioning and bandwidth upgrades
  • Simplifies network management
  • Saves monthly network costs with voice and data sharing the same connection
  • Provides trouble-free one-stop solution for Internet access and router equipment provisioning.
  • Congestion-free and redundant backbone design supports mission-critical data including Voice-over-IP and Video-over-IP with minimum cost

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